Jagadguru Sri Ramanandacharya Peeth

 Jagadguru Sri Ramanandacharya Peeth Vishramdwarika's Acharya Sri Jagadguru Sri Ramanandacharya Sri Ramprapannacharyaji, in Yogindra Samadhi state, having interviewed Marichi Tapobhoomi, woke up from the samadhi and decided to save the holy pilgrimage from the penance of the seven sages. Acharyashree was an accomplished Sadhak Yogi whose normal routine was normal for three to three hours in samadhi. One day for special sadhna. From 29-3-1959 to 12-4-1959, he was samadhi for a long time, it is known to all the people, For such yogis, where there is a combination of determination with devotion to duty, there is no delay in the rise of success. The Satsankalpa of Acharyashree took shape on 25-3-1961, as a result of which Jagadguru Sri Ramanandacharya Peeth emerged in the Western Paldi expansion of Ahmedabad. On the same day, since the incarnation day of Sarveshwar Shri Ramchandraji was Shri Ram Navami, the prestige of Shri Saketvihariji was completed in Acharya Peeth with one hundred and eight Shri Ramarcha Mahapuja, Shrimad Ramayana discourse Shri Ram Mahayagya etc.

 The presiding deity of Sri Ramanand Sampradaya is Sarveshwar Sri Saketvihariji. Therefore, as soon as Shri Saketvihariji was established in this Acharya Peeth, there was a special change in the atmosphere of Tapobhumi. The temple of Shri Sitaramji is very grand and attractive in mind, it is a beautiful temple of the whole of Gujarat. The vastness of the place and the vastness of the temple and the divine visor of Shri Sitaramji unintentionally mesmerize the audience.

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